Road rage leads to several crashes in Frederick County, Maryland

The Baltimore-Washington Parkway was briefly closed for several hours recently after a driver wreaked havoc in a series of rage-fueled car accidents. The series of auto accidents began when the driver of a Subaru Outback noticed a 25-year-old male driving a Nissan Titan truck erratically and honked his horn.

For unknown reasons, this simple act sent the young male into an apparent rage. He responded by ramming his car into the side of the Subaru and then pulled over at a nearby exit. However, the aggression was far from over; he exited his vehicle with his passenger and they both attacked the Subaru with their hands and knees. Passing cars witnessed this event and one person in a Pontiac pulled over to help the Subaru driver.

When the Pontiac drove away, the young male and his passenger got back into their truck and pursued the Pontiac down the highway. When they caught up to it, they smashed into the Pontiac and caused it to spin off the road. This collision, however, sent the truck into the median, flipping it multiple times and ejecting the driver from the vehicle. The truck crashed into a Honda Civic and then came to a rest, ending the road rage spree.

Upon investigation, alcohol was found in the truck's vicinity. Both the enraged driver and his passenger were transported to a local hospital, where they are being treated for serious injuries.

Road rage incidents like these can leave people seriously injured, vehicles damaged and can cause massive traffic delays. Aside from the legal charges raging drivers can face -- which in this case will include assault, reckless endangerment and driving under the influence -- others involved in an incident may seek to receive compensation for any injuries or damages to their vehicles that they sustain.

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