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Man seriously injured in fall at work awarded millions


To support oneself and one's dependents, a person must have a source of income. If someone loses the ability to earn an income, he or she will likely encounter significant difficulties. If a person is injured at work because of his or her employer's failure to create a safe work environment, it is possible that he or she could receive compensation for lost wages and medical expenses. Such was the case for a Texas man who was injured at work several years ago.

Five years ago, this Texas man had a serious accident while working. In order to lay a tarpaulin overtop a load in a truck, the man was standing approximately 15 feet above a concrete floor on top of boxes of cotton gin. He fell 15 feet to the concrete ground and reportedly suffered a broken collarbone, broken arm, and skull and facial fractures as a result of the fall. In addition, he incurred brain injuries from crashing into the concrete floor.

Because of the accident, he reportedly lost some verbal, cognitive, and physical abilities. His personal life was also impacted by his injuries. He and his wife have separated since the accident; his wife stated during the trial that his attitude changed after the accident and he then moved out of their home.

It would be quite distressing to have so many changes occur so suddenly. This man went to work that morning perhaps looking forward to the weekend or getting together with friends after work, but he left work with many serious injuries.

Now, a Texas jury has awarded this man and his estranged wife a total of $5.5 million. This amount is designated for medical expenses already incurred, future medical expenses, lost earning capacity, pain and anguish, and consortium (for his wife). This couple has undoubtedly faced many unforeseen struggles in the five years since the man's fall. This payment does not take away these hard times, but it will relieve some financial worries.

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