Three vehicle crash on Capital Beltway involves tractor-trailer

Most Marylanders are aware that driving can be a dangerous activity, knowing that tens of thousands of Americans die in auto accidents every year. Yet, this knowledge does little to deter most people from driving every day out of convenience or necessity. A common cause for the high rate of motor vehicle accidents are drivers who make poor decisions or choose to drive recklessly.

This very well may be the case in a recent car crash on the Capital Beltway which claimed the life of one person. The accident, which occurred recently, involved three vehicles, one of which was a tractor trailer. While driving near New Hampshire Avenue, the car of a 44-year-old Lanham man was struck from behind by another vehicle. His car remained in the lane and was then struck by a passing tractor-trailer, causing it to spin.

According to the Maryland State Police, the male was brought to a local hospital where he was declared dead. The other two drivers were uninjured in the incident. Police have yet to determine what the specific causes of the accident may have been or at what speeds the different vehicles were traveling.

It could be the case that the death of this individual was caused by recklessness on either of the other drivers' parts. For instance, if either of the drivers were involved with a negligent behavior which contributed to the fatality, such as driving above the marked speed limit, they could be held financially liable.

In the scenario where they are responsible, the family of the deceased could take legal measures against them to receive compensation for their loved one's wrongful death.

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