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BMW hangs off overpass after accident with semi-truck


An accident on the I-95 overpass created quite the unusual scene when an unoccupied BMW attached to a flat-bed tow truck was seen hanging off the guardrail.

The multiple motor vehicle accident occurred when a tractor trailer heading southbound collided with a passenger car in the same lane. The passenger car then struck a flat-bed tow truck, causing the BMW it was transporting to slide off the side and over the guardrail. Two individuals, the drivers of the passenger car and the tow-truck, were brought to local hospitals for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. Further details on the extent of their injuries is currently unknown

According to a spokesman for the Maryland Transportation Authority Police, the BMW hung trunk first off the guardrail for nearly two hours, causing serious traffic delays. While no causes for the accident have been given officially, it is not uncommon for accidents involving tractor trailers to be caused by driver fatigue, distracted driving or some other form of driver negligence.

Considering the high likelihood of serious injury or even fatalities in tractor-trailer accidents, it's fortunate the most news-worthy element of this story may be its novelty. However, for those who were injured, the accident's unusual result likely does not make their injuries any easier to bear. Even though their injuries were thankfully not life-threatening, it does not mean they could not have potentially lifelong consequences. Medical issues aside, there are also financial obligations that can result from a car accident.

In the situation where an individual finds themselves as the victim of an accident, they may resort to legal means in order to receive compensation for pain and suffering or to cover costs associated with the accident.

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