Motorcycle accident results in tragic death

Motorcyclists are often well aware of the potential dangers they face while riding, and they compensate for these dangers with a combination of vigilance and caution. Unfortunately, even the safest of driving habits will not always prevent a motorcyclist from being harmed by another driver's negligence. Such seems to be the case in a recent Maryland accident.

The accident took place in the afternoon near Route 22 and Route 543 in Bel Air. According to police reports, a car driven by a 17-year-old male was attempting to take a left turn across a lane into a convenience store parking lot. The car, perhaps unaware of the motorcyclist, crossed into the path of a motorcycle driven by a 49-year-old-man from Perryville. The motorcyclist attempted to avoid a crash but then collided with the back of the car. Upon impact, the motorcyclist was ejected from the vehicle and sustained fatal injuries.

The motorcyclist was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The driver of the car and his passenger were both uninjured.

Incidents such as this highlight the increased danger that motorcyclists face on a daily basis: they can go unnoticed by other vehicles on the road and become victims of an accident outside of their control. Additionally, since motorcyclists do not have the same level of protection as those who are driving cars or trucks, their potential for serious injury or death is also increased.

Like many other types of accidents, determinations of who is at fault in a motorcycle accident hinges on whether or not one driver's actions were negligent. If so, that driver could be held financially liable. In the aftermath of an accident, the victims or their families can be left with medical bills, physical pain, lost wages and funeral costs. If the victims choose to pursue legal options, they could receive compensation for these expenses.

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