Brachial plexus injuries seeing advances with new technology

The death or injury of a child at birth is a devastating fate to happen to any parents in Maryland or elsewhere. In some instances, fetal demise or injury is the result of circumstances that were unavoidable. In other instances, an infant does not survive or is seriously injured because of negligence on behalf of a medical professional or hospital staff.

These birth injuries from negligence can manifest themselves in a variety of forms ranging from brain damage to paralysis and other complications. This form of medical malpractice often means that parents will need to figure out how to confront huge medical expenses associated with the long-term care of raising a child that has special needs.

In many instances, a family in Maryland made to suffer in this manner can pursue financial compensation from liable parties to cover these medical expenses, and compensate the suffering brought about by the happening. There are also many medical advances being made that can better treat children with birth injuries so that they can have a better quality of life.

For example, a birth injury that impacts function in the shoulder and arm of injured infants, known as brachial plexus birth palsy, can get better with time for many children. For the 30 percent of victims that do not get better in time, a technology originally used to look at the motion of figure skaters is now being applied to help these children in understanding the movements of their shoulder blade and muscles. The manifestation of this injury varies between individuals, so this technology will give more insight in order to better approach treatment.

Doctors are hopeful that continued success with this technology in regards to these birth injuries will mean that this technology can be applied to other injuries as well to evaluate muscle function and the benefits of surgery.

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