Fight carpal tunnel with these important tips

Do you type for hours at a computer? Doing work with your hands can lead to various injuries, including harm to your wrist and nerves. A common disorder that results from such repetitive hand use is carpal tunnel syndrome. Experts note that the condition is most common in people that use their hands daily in the work setting.

Numbness and weakness are the biggest indicators of the condition. In addition, decrease in your ability to pinch or grip can be a sign. The good news is that there are ways to prevent the development of carpal tunnel:

  • Sit at a computer desk or work table with your back against the chair and your shoulders relaxed. Sitting straight can help support the upper portion of your body.
  • Keep your feet flat on the ground. This creates a solid support base.
  • Look straight ahead. If your hands are positioned midline, this will help maintain circulation and nerve function.
  • Rest your elbows on the sides of your body for greater support.
  • Keep your wrists steady and neutral, which will help reduce compression. You might utilize a supporting pad when typing to avoid keeping your wrists bent.
  • When your fingers are at rest, cup them so that they can relax.
  • Do wrist, finger and thumb exercises. This will strengthen your ligaments.

These are just some tips that can help with repetitive hand motions. If your nerve compression and numbness are severe, it may be time to see a physician.

Finally, if your work-related injury is extremely debilitating, you can always meet with an experienced workers' compensation attorney and discuss your legal options. You may be entitled to compensation.

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