1 worker hurt, 1 killed in fall during construction accident

No matter how safe a person tries to make his or her own work environment, most Maryland construction workers are aware that the possibility for an accident to occur is always very real. Malfunctioning equipment or inattentiveness can be all it takes to transform a regular workday into the setting of a serious accident. Two men were recently injured, one of which fatally, in a construction accident after a simple broken strap led to them falling close to 30 feet.

Officials say that the accident happened just before 9 a.m. Both men were apparently standing on a portion of rebar as it was being lowered by a crane into a hole nearly 50 feet deep. Unfortunately for the two workers, the strap that was keeping them tethered to the crane suddenly snapped, causing the men to plummet to the bottom.

The resulting impact proved deadly for one of the men who apparently suffering severe head injuries during the fall and died at the scene. The other injured man suffered unspecified injuries but was successfully transported to the hospital and later released after being treated. The company that had contracted the two workers released a statement saying that they were currently looking into the cause of the unfortunate accident.

Additionally, local police and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were also investigating the accident at the time of the report. In any construction accident which leads to the injury or death of a worker, there are bound to be families and loved ones who experience emotional and financial difficulty as a direct result. For Maryland residents, worker's compensation generally must be provided to affected individuals or their families, but claims can be filed should an employer of insurance company attempt compensate with less than adequate amounts.

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