Surgical errors can greatly impact Maryland residents

Surgical errors occur at alarming rates. Unfortunately for the victims, surgical errors can cause serious injury and even death. Many patients require long-term treatment for such events and possibly further surgeries. A recent article that discussed possible fines that should be put in place could be of interest to Maryland patients who have been a victim of such errors.

The article discussed events and fines that occurred in another state but could become a trend across the United States. One situation discussed told how, in three separate brain surgeries, a bacteria that is commonly found in fecal matter was implanted in the patient's brain. Out of the three patients who received this surgery, two died as a result and one was transferred to a treatment facility where additional surgical procedures were needed.

While the state has implemented a fine system for any surgeon who is negligent, this is probably of little comfort to those who have lost a loved one. This has likely started a conversation of where the responsibility lies when such an error occurs. Although a state has the right to implement a fine system, the victim or the victim's family may also be entitled to monetary compensation.

Maryland residents who have been impacted by surgical errors may want to look into their rights under the applicable state laws. Those who have lost a loved one due to a surgical error may be entitled to monetary compensation to cover burial and other related expenses. Victims whose lives have been changed may also be entitled to compensation -- not only for related expenses, but also to cover any pain and suffering that has ensued.

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