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Taking prescribed overdose in Maryland seriously


When an individual is sick or injured, that person usually goes to the hospital, trusting that those working there will do everything they can to make him or her well again. A doctor's responsibility is to care for and prescribe the necessary treatment and medication to patients. Stories of medical malpractice, such as doctor mistakes that cause patients' deaths or a prescribed overdose, are truly unfortunate. In Maryland this malpractice is taken very seriously.

One woman is taking a stand against the over-prescription of medications by a doctor. Thus far, this man has reportedly caused the death of 11 patients from overdosing. This same doctor was charged and arrested for trafficking and distributing illegal drugs. The last patient that died as of a result of over-prescription by this doctor was supposedly given prescriptions for over 2,000 medications in under two months prior to his death.

The woman filing the suit for medical malpractice against this drug-dealing doctor believes she became addicted to drugs because of this man. She claims that the overabundance of medications that he prescribed for her created an inability to resist drugs and a compulsive use of harmful drugs. After a tragic fall down a set of stairs which caused a series of hospitalization and detoxification processes, this woman realized just how dangerous and destructive these drugs were. The emotional, physical and mental harm the use of these over-prescribed medications created has initiated this victim's desire to file a suit.

Being taken advantage of by someone who is presumed to be trustworthy is devastating. Wrongful death from an overdose prescribed by medical personnel in Maryland is unexpected and heartbreaking. This woman has taken action against the one she deems responsible for her drug addictions. The family members of those who died due to this doctor's over-prescribing could potentially also file civil claims for the wrongful death of their loved ones. Though this will not bring back those who lost their lives, it can give some comfort to those who may now be wary of trusting physicians and reimburse them for funeral and other related costs.

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