Medical malpractice claims common among missed breast cancer

In Maryland, we are often raised to have an innate trust in firefighters, police officers and other figures considered to be working for the better of the public. Another figure like this is doctors. We want to believe that our doctors are thorough, qualified and have our best interest in mind. However, doctors are still human and fallible to error. Unfortunately, these errors can have devastating and even deadly consequences so their errors are rightfully held to more scrutiny and repercussions than that of the average professional.

In instances of medical malpractice, we usually think of a doctor doing something against a patient, like operating on the wrong site, giving the wrong medication or leaving a foreign object behind in a patient after surgery. However, inaction can lead to medical malpractice lawsuits as well. This often manifests itself in the form of a failure to diagnose claim.

In a study recently published in the journal, Radiology, it is concluded that the most common missed diagnosis claim issued against radiologists results from cases of missed breast cancer. This typically occurs when the doctor fails to see a lesion on a mammography scan, therefore the doctor fails to recommend addition testing and the cancer can be left untreated -- sometimes to deadly results.

Such negligence can shave years off of the life of a victim and devastate a family. While there is no reversing that, the best solution that our legal system can offer is justice through a medical malpractice claim. If successful, a victim can be compensated for the suffering they endured due to a medical professional's negligence.

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