Construction accident kills one, injures another

Workplace accidents can put both workers and their employers in a difficult situation. Construction workers in Maryland may be able to relate to the experiences of workers at a Wisconsin construction site where a fatal accident occurred last summer.

The accident occurred at a bridge construction site. A crane's boom fell for an unreported reason and hit and killed a truck driver. In addition, the construction worker who was operating the crane at the time of the accident was seriously injured when the crane fell.

As a result of this construction accident, the construction company managing the bridge project, Lunda, was cited by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration for numerous safety violations. OSHA also cited Choice Construction, a company contracted by Lunda, for numerous safety violations. Both Lunda and Choice Construction face fines for their safety violations.

It is significant that both of these companies have been cited for safety violations before. Another accident last fall resulted in one construction worker's death at a Lunda construction site.

The extent of the construction workers' injuries is unclear. However, if the construction worker's injury required taking time off from work and brought on expensive medical costs, the worker may want to look into filing a lawsuit for workers' compensation.

The other construction worker who was killed did not work for Lunda, but he may have been at the site delivering construction materials. If the truck driver's death is determined to be the fault of this crane accident, the driver's family could also potentially seek compensation for wrongful death.

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