Man crushed by 1,000 lb. concrete slab in construction accident

Unfortunately, another construction worker simply looking to make a living has been injured on the job. Maryland workers know just as well as any others across the nation that, no matter the precautions taken, on-the-job mishaps are an inescapable truth while working outdoors and around heavy equipment. In this instance, the construction accident occurred when a half-ton concrete slab toppled over onto a nearby man attempting to move it.

The report stated that the accident occurred while workers were active on a housing plan for a township. One of the construction workers was allegedly trying to manipulate the 1,000 lb. object without assistance when it suddenly tumbled on top of him and crushed an unspecified amount of his body. Nearby workers heard his painful cries for help and rushed to help.

Thankfully, the men nearby successfully hauled the crushed worker away from the collapsed concrete slab alive. As a result of the accident, the man's leg was perhaps most severely injured indicated by those present. An ambulance arrived to take him to a nearby hospital for assistance shortly after, and the extent of his injuries has not yet been revealed.

No further information has been revealed by the man's employer. Hopefully, this man will go through the actions that may assist in him being provided with the financial compensation necessary to treat his expenses while injured. Maryland residents may find solace in the fact that those hurt on the job by construction accidents usually qualify for such funds, though acting quickly is generally a person's best bet.

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