Depression can render an individual in Maryland unable to work

There is no blood test for depression like there is for many other crippling illnesses that prevent individuals in Maryland from being able to work. However, simply because it is not as easy to identify through a blood test or something similar in no way diminishes the struggle that individual is made to shoulder.

Depression is different than just being sad. Depression is a pervasive illness that can disrupt concentration and cognitive ability. It can even manifest itself in physical symptoms like panic attacks, migraines, pain, and insomnia.

One woman struggled with debilitating depression for years. When it got to the point where she was unable to continue working, she applied for Social Security Disability benefits. Mental illnesses that prevent an individual from working can meet some level of resistance when the suffering individual attempts to apply for Social Security Disability benefits in Maryland or elsewhere around the country because these illnesses can be more difficult to document.

This woman was denied three times before an attorney helped her successfully secure benefits, as well as $27,000 in retroactive benefits. While the stigma surrounding mental illness is slowly abating, there can still be difficult challenges and barriers for millions in securing the necessary help and treatment critical for management of mental illness.

Mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder and others can severely impact an individual's ability to work. Such residents in Maryland are no less entitled to SSD benefits. However, an attorney can assist that individual in gathering the medical records and assessments that are crucial in cases of this nature. Seeking an advocate in the process of applying for SSD benefits can mitigate the risk of a denial, but more importantly, allow the individual to focus primarily on maintaining their best level of health.

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