Waking up during surgery can lead to PTSD in victims

There is far more at stake when a doctor makes an error than if another professional made an error in their line of work. When a doctor in Maryland makes a mistake or a hospital fails in some manner, a victimized patient could require additional surgery, have their condition worsened or even die in the worst of circumstances. This can directly translate to a diminished quality of life for victims.

We recently blogged about how the most preventable of surgical errors occur at a rate of about 40 times each week across the nation. Similarly, anesthesiologist errors can be devastating when they impact a patient as well. While most think about an anesthesiologist's error as killing a patient by administering too much sedative, the opposite can happen as well.

According to one report, about 30,000 Americans wake up while under anesthesia each year. For some, they are aware but unable to move. This can be terrifying and painful, resulting in some victims developing post-traumatic stress disorder.

Patients in Maryland want to trust their doctors. Many individuals will go into a surgery with some level of apprehension about the procedure itself, being put under and any recovery. However, it is reasonable to expect a high standard of care free from negligence. When this basic expectation is not met, there can be financial recourse in some instances.

If a medical professional or establishment acts in a negligent manner that results in an injury or similar negative impact for a patient, a medical malpractice claim could be in order. Speaking with an experienced legal attorney will better assist an individual in pursuit of recovery.

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