NTSB releases findings on Maryland Bay Bridge truck accident

Driving a truck takes considerable skill and familiarity with operating large vehicles. For this reason, it is imperative for Laurel, Maryland trucking companies to employ qualified drivers. Unqualified drivers are usually prone to driver's negligence that often leads to a truck accident.

A horrendous truck crash that occurred on Bay Bridge last summer best shows the dangers of an unqualified driver. On July 19, 2013, a tractor-trailer driven by a Hungarian immigrant who now lives in Canada, went from eight miles per hour to 51 mph in about 60 seconds. His unfamiliarity with traffic that often slows on the bridge resulted in the truck crashing into two cars. The impact of the collision pushed one of the cars through the bridge's barrier wall and into the waters of the bay. The female driver, a south Maryland resident, managed to extricate herself from her vehicle and swim to nearby flotsam. The couple in the other vehicle was unhurt.

Recently, after months of investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board released its findings regarding the accident. The NTSB attributed the accident to the truck driver's lack of familiarity with the area and its typical traffic conditions. It also cited the driver's inattention. Officials also discovered that it was the truck driver's first time driving in the country. In October, the driver pled guilty to traffic violations including negligent driving and unsafe lane changing, among others.

The incident should serve as a reminder for trucking companies about their responsibilities. Driving a massive vehicle, which often includes equally huge cargo, by under unqualified hands can do much damage to property and other motorists. Even if drivers are qualified, they should drive with extra caution to avoid accidents, especially if they are in unfamiliar territory.

A Laurel, Maryland motorist injured in a truck accident can file a personal injury lawsuit to hold a driver or trucking company legally responsible.

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