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What are the most common construction injuries in Maryland?


As a construction worker in Maryland, you know that you're likely to be exposed to more dangers than those in other working conditions. Despite that, most workplaces make the effort to keep their workers safe. If you've been hurt in a workplace that didn't provide safety gear or information on safe handling of equipment, you may want to speak with someone who understands the legal implications of your case.

The United States Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has collected statistics to show the areas where construction injuries are most likely to happen, which can help in your case. This data proves how dangerous the job can be, especially when it comes to these particular types of injuries.

According to the statistics, there are four major types of injuries that workers are most likely to have happen to them. Falls account for approximately 36.9 percent of total deaths in construction for 2013, while being hit by an object accounted for 10.3 percent. Electrocutions accounted for 8.9 percent of all deaths and being caught in or between machinery or other devices resulted in 2.6 percent of deaths.

Of course, there can be other causes of injuries and deaths. Things like heat stroke from being in a hot, dry area for too long, choking or even respiratory distress are also possible in the construction industry.

The statistics claim that there were 3,929 worker fatalities in 2013; of those, 20.3 percent were in construction alone. The fatal four, the top four injuries suffered, accounted for over half of those deaths, and if they could be eliminated, then 468 lives could be saved each year.

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