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Baby dies due to birth injury in Baltimore, Maryland


The birth of a child is a joyous event for parents. To ensure that the delivery process is successful and safe, healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses, usually oversee the entire process. However, the possibility always exists that a birth injury could lead to temporary and permanent disability to the baby such as cerebral palsy. In some cases, birth injury can result in fatality, which is the tragic outcome of a recent birth experience of a mother who is claiming medical error was the cause of her baby's death in a Baltimore, Maryland hospital.

Based on the court records filed in Baltimore County Circuit Court, the woman claimed that unnecessary prolonged hours of labor before a Cesarean section was performed caused undue fetal stress and her baby's death. Court documents stated slow cervical dilation caused labor to last up to 17 hours, causing fetal stress and fetal distress.

After 14 hours of labor in the hospital, a normal delivery seemed unlikely for the woman. However, the medical staff allegedly ignored earlier signs that showed a Cesarean was needed, waiting three more hours to perform the operation. The baby was born blue due to oxygen deprivation and was not breathing. The baby later died.

The tragic death of a baby is always very difficult for parents. Based on the lawsuit, the woman claims that the hospital staff's negligence caused her son's death. Medical negligence must be proven in court in order for a parent to obtain compensation for such a loss.

In the event that during birth, a baby suffers injuries or permanent disability due to suspected negligence of healthcare professionals, parents should consult a Maryland legal professional to file a complaint and seek damages for past, present and future medical expenses for the child.

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