Maryland police officer hurt in car crash

Drivers in Laurel, Maryland need to be attentive to other drivers on the road. A car crash can happen at any time and cause serious injury. Regardless of the cause of motor vehicle accidents, whether they happen due to the weather, driver negligence, a drunk driver, texting, and driving or for any other reason, it's imperative that the victim and the victim's family knows what to do in the accident's aftermath.

A noon car crash sent a police officer to the shock trauma unit. The officer was stationed in the emergency lane of the roadway in his patrol vehicle and monitoring passing traffic. The accident occurred when another driver left his lane, drove across the median and collided with the patrol car. Both the officer and the driver of the other vehicle suffered severe injuries and were flown via helicopter to the hospital. The two were listed in serious but stable condition.

Injuries and fatalities are, unfortunately, frequent occurrences on the roadway. While a serious injury suffered in a car crash can lead to long-term hospitalization, the need for extensive rehabilitation and the requirement for extended care, many don't realize the massive costs that can accompany this care. Insurance companies are focused on keeping their costs low and might offer a settlement to preclude a legal filing. The offer, however, is rarely enough to cover a victim's medical expenses. Therefore, in order to determine the full extent of a victim's damages, an accident must be fully investigated. The injured individual and his or her family need to understand what to do about their pain and suffering and how to seek compensation through litigation.

A Maryland attorney can sit with victims and their families to discuss how best to move forward with a claim. By gathering evidence, questioning witnesses, speaking with experts, and participating in litigation and negotiations, an attorney can help increase a victim's chances of recovering the compensation he or she needs to obtain the medical care he or she deserves.

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