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Several Maryland workers hurt by falling debris during demolition


A number of Maryland workers have been hurt in a Baltimore County jobsite accident. According to officials, a building collapsed on the property of the old Bethlehem Steel plant. Several workers were injured by the falling debris that resulted from the collapse.

According to the fire department, construction crews were demolishing a five-story mill when its roof suddenly collapsed. Many workers were still inside the building as the roof came down. Fortunately, no workers were killed in the incident and all of them escaped with the assistance of fellow employees.

A total of nine individuals were injured by falling debris in the accident. Four of the injured employees were transported to the hospital in critical condition. Five more were reported to be in serious condition; however, the nature and severity of their injuries is unknown at this time. According to fire department officials, the accident victims were extremely lucky that the building collapsed in the way that it did. Because the roof came down in the middle, it is likely that numerous lives were spared. Fire officials also mentioned that the demolition has been ongoing for some time, and until this accident occurred, the job site had been free of incidents.

The company in charge of the demolition, MCM Management, will be conducting a detailed investigation to determine how the workplace accident may have occurred. In the meantime, those workers who were injured by falling debris in the collapse could be eligible to seek workers' compensation benefits to pay for their medical care. For some who are injured in such tragic workplace events, money for temporary and/or permanent disability can be sought to help them and their families during the difficult time following their accident.

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