Construction accident: 2 workers hurt in ceiling collapse

A construction accident resulted in two injured workers last Friday. The incident involved the collapse of a ceiling at a construction site. Not only did a giant piece of concrete and metal reinforcement rods fall down on the two unsuspecting workers, but asbestos was also released into the accident site.

An environmental cleanup crew was on site preparing the building for an asbestos removal project at the time of the ceiling collapse. Nineteen contract workers were inside the building at the time. Two of workers were trapped in the fallen ceiling debris.

Fortunately, police were able to rescue the trapped men and they survived with non-life-threatening injuries. The two trapped men were transported to a local hospital for monitoring and by last reports, they were described as conscious and alert. The other 17 workers were removed from the building without injury. However, they were taken to a local medical facility for asbestos decontamination treatments. The United States Occupational Safety and Health Organization is currently conducting a detailed investigation of the cause of this accident.

Maryland workers who are hurt in an on-the-job incident may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. Those benefits could pay for the workers' medical care needed to recover from their injuries. It could also help them with money for temporary and permanent disability if they are unable to work due to injuries.

If a workers' compensation claim is denied, the advice of an attorney experienced in appealing such denials can be very helpful. Do not think that compensation will not be found simply because of a claim denial.

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