Motorcycle accident kills one in Westminster, Maryland

Motorcycles offer both convenience and a unique sense of freedom for motorcyclists but with added risks. In Maryland, motorcycle riders are familiar with the risks involved in riding or operating their motorcycles. Motorcycles are smaller compared with other vehicles and this is why these two-wheeled vehicles are easily damaged in collisions. Because of this, riders are susceptible to various injuries that could lead to temporary or permanent disability.

In Westminster, just north of Laurel, a 59-year-old motorcyclist was recently killed after his biked collided with a truck. Based on a report, the truck driver was pulling out of a driveway and was attempting to turn left onto Salem Bottom Road when the truck collided with the northbound motorcyclist. The biker struck the driver's side of the truck. He died at the scene of the crash. The mishap occurred at the 3300 block of Salem Bottom Road at around 6 p.m. Police officers continue to investigate the fatal motor vehicle accident.

A wrongful death claim may follow in the wake of a fatal mishap only if the accident resulted from someone else's failure to exercise due care. Misconduct, recklessness or negligence could also prove liability in these accidents.

In similar cases, the family of the deceased has to check the preliminary investigation in order to better understand their standing in the case. If there is evidence that can prove the other driver's fault in the collision, the surviving family members of the deceased may choose to file a wrongful death claim and seek damages from the presumed negligent party.

Locally, motorcycle accident victims may receive compensation by negotiating with the responsible parties. Often, insurance companies will offer a settlement based on the victims' losses, including their medical expenses. Victims may accept the settlement if they think that it is enough to cover their losses. They may also choose to file lawsuits in order to obtain maximum compensation.

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