Alleged medical mistake results in patient's death

People in Maryland and other states naturally trust doctors to take care of their loved ones, providing proper diagnoses and treatment. In one out-of-state case, however, a man said a medical mistake on the part of a cardiologist recently caused his father's death. The son and his mother are currently suing the doctor, claiming that he engaged in medical malpractice.

According to the complaint, the man who died was receiving treatment for hypertension as well as end stage renal disease. He was scheduled for a renal transplant. The patient reportedly told the doctor that he was a hemophiliac and, therefore, needed an infusion before having the catheterization. The doctor allegedly told the man that this particular treatment was not necessary; however, the doctor did not get in touch with a specialist in hemophilia to confirm this.

The plaintiffs said the man later had to undergo nerve surgery, which ended up being unsuccessful, because the cardiologist had told him that an infusion was not necessary. The patient reportedly could not keep working afterward due to paralysis of the hand, and he eventually died after being hospitalized again. The plaintiffs have accused the cardiologist of not consulting with hemophilia experts, not administering the required infusion and not properly monitoring and maintaining the patient's arm and hand.

The plaintiffs are suing for damages for pain and suffering and medical expenses. They are also suing for damages related to losing the enjoyment of life, losing earning capacity, and mental distress. If people in Maryland are successful in lawsuits revolving around a medical mistake that led to a loved one's death, a monetary award cannot restore that person's life; however, it may enable the surviving family members to move forward from the incident.

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