Truck accident kills Maryland man

Truck accident victims should always be aware of the resources available to them following a truck accident. These accidents can easily lead to catastrophic injuries for occupants of smaller vehicles, and these injured people and their families need all the help they can get.

A horrific truck accident recently killed a motorcyclist from Maryland and injured eight others. According to reports, the group of motorcyclists was parked along the side of a freeway when a tractor-trailer plowed into them. The 37-year-old Maryland man was killed instantly. Five others were hospitalized in critical condition. Three others were treated on the scene for minor injuries.

According to witnesses, the tractor-trailer drifted from the middle lane and into the group of motorcycles.

Authorities believe the driver of the truck may have fallen asleep while driving. He has been charged with felony hit and run and misdemeanor death. Authorities reported the tractor trailer stopped approximately a half mile up the road from the accident because the truck accident caused a flat tire on the semi truck.

While all motor vehicle accidents can lead to significant injuries, truck accidents can lead to particularly devastating harm. The injured and their families may suffer physical, financial and emotional damages immediately following a truck accident and well into the future. As a result, a negligent truck driver, and in some cases the company the truck driver works for, may be liable to victims for the damages they have suffered in a truck accident caused by the negligent truck driver.

Victims of truck accidents should ensure they are properly informed concerning the resources that may be available to them following a catastrophic truck accident. Attorneys with experience in these difficult cases can help explain the law and legal options.

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