Family alleges medical mistake leads to man's death

Patients in Maryland often put a huge amount of trust in their doctors' diagnoses, but sometimes their diagnoses are wrong, thus leading to injury or death. One man in an out-of-state case recently passed away from a heart attack after his family claimed he was misdiagnosed by a doctor. The family is now suing the hospital where he died due to the alleged medical mistake.

The family said that the man, said to be 55, was taken to an emergency room. Before this visit, he had suffered from Hepatitis C and hypertension and was experiencing pains and aches in his muscles along with cramping and pain in the stomach. He had been diagnosed as having the flu.

The family said that lab studies, on the contrary, indicated that the man was actually experiencing congestive heart failure, kidney failure, dehydration and liver dysfunction. However, the medical team at the hospital focused on the patient's gallbladder, ignoring the fact that he may have been experiencing heart issues. According to their complaint, the man was put through gallbladder surgery and ended up suffering a major heart attack, which led to his death.

The man's family members have accused the hospital of wrongful death and medical malpractice. They are seeking damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, burial and funeral costs, and grief and mourning. The family members of a person who has lost his or her life as a result of a medical mistake in Maryland have the right to try to hold the medical facility and/or doctor accountable through civil litigation.

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