Girl dies as a result of alleged medical mistake

Losing a loved one as a result of a doctor's improper treatment is grounds for a lawsuit in Maryland. One woman in another state recently exercised her right to sue an allegedly negligent doctor after she said the doctor's carelessness caused the death of her daughter. The doctor being sued for the reported medical mistake is associated with an urgent care center.

The woman said she took her child to the clinic because the girl was complaining about vomiting and nausea. The mother said the girl was diagnosed as having a gastric infection, and she was then sent home with nausea medication. The woman, however, returned to the clinic the very next day with her daughter after she could not feel the girl's pulse. The unresponsive child was given CPR and was transported to a medical center, where she passed away.

The woman claimed that the doctor was negligent in failing to order lab work after first examining her daughter. She said the lab work would have shown that the girl had high potassium and glucose levels. The woman also complained that the girl did not receive resuscitation medication because the clinic did not establish an intravenous site.

The woman is seeking damages for wrongful death, as well as mental anguish and funeral expenses. Appropriate legal guidance may lead to a successful case for a person in Maryland whose loved one died due to a medical provider's failure to exercise a reasonable degree of care. Although a monetary award cannot restore the life of a person who died as a result of a medical mistake, it may help the victim's surviving family members to move forward from the tragic incident.

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