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Table saw construction accident claims in Maryland


Table saws are some of the most dangerous items found at Maryland construction sties. While most workers immediately recognize the risks of using these items, they often wrongly assume that their dangers can be bypassed through safe operation.

However, injuries related to table saws do not happen simply as a result of user error. Indeed, table saws can develop faults. They may have dull blades and could even explode. They might have manufacturing defects that could result in injury. Also, if the saw is not properly maintained by the owner, it could become a source of injury.

The most common table saw injuries include body lacerations and amputated fingers, arms and hands. These injuries can happen to the most experienced construction workers. They can also be so severe that they end an individual's career and even the ability to work at all.

In cases where a table saw injury happens because of old, poorly maintained or defective equipment, the owner and/or the manufacturer of the table saw may be liable for injuries and damages suffered by a worker who is injured by the saw.

At McGowan & Cecil, we have experienced trial attorneys on staff who are ready to help you determine the viability of your potential injury case relating to a faulty table saw. Our law firm has helped Maryland carpenters and construction workers pursue claims relating to table saw injuries for over 60 years. The sad fact is that during this time we have not seen table saw manufacturers do very much to update their designs to improve the safety of their equipment.

Table saw users may have seen the plastic protective sheaths installed on some table saws, and they have probably seen and used many table saws that have had these sheaths removed. However, there is another kind of rarely employed safety devices that has been available since 2003, which is manufactured by SawStop. For just $100 per saw, the SawStop device instantly stops a saw blade upon contact with skin, rendering injury virtually impossible.

Our firm uses the example of this safety technology in representing clients in saw blade injury claims.Representing injured Maryland workers in table saw accident claims is just one of the many legal missions we have taken on at McGowan & Cecil.

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