Woman claims potentially fatal surgical error in malpractice case

Undergoing a medical procedure and finding the outcome to not be as one had hoped is disheartening. However, finding out that a potentially fatal surgical error was made and that the error resulted in life-threatening complications is infuriating. One woman who was treated outside of Maryland is currently suing her physician and the clinic where she was treated for reportedly failing to properly diagnose a potentially fatal condition that she suffered on the same day that she underwent liposuction.

The woman claimed that she had undergone several medical procedures performed by the doctor over multiple years. She said the doctor had also made many home visits following the procedures. However, she said she recently underwent the final liposuction surgery in her regimen after having complained to the doctor before the surgery that she was experiencing pain. She said the pain only worsened after the procedure.

The patient said the pain became so unbearable that she began to have problems breathing and went to an emergency room. She said staff there told her she was experiencing a pulmonary embolism. As a result of the diagnosis, the woman filed a medical malpractice suit.

In her lawsuit, the woman is seeking damages for both physical and emotional pain and suffering, medical bills and the loss of her income. When a person in Maryland has been injured as the result of a potentially fatal surgical error, it is within his or her rights to explore all legal options available for trying to hold the doctor and/or medical facility accountable. Compensation cannot undo the pain caused by the incident, but it may help ease the financial instability that is often the result of unexpected medical bills.

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