Alleged medical mistake leads to medical malpractice case

When people are hurt at the hands of a doctor in Maryland, the victims' family members have the right to seek justice. One family in another state recently faced this scenario after their loved one was injured due to an alleged medical mistake. This led to a medical malpractice lawsuit that was recently settled.

The matter started in 2009 when a doctor reportedly removed a patient's appendix during an emergency surgery. The following year, the patient went back to the medical center, suffering appendicitis. The appendicitis was the result of a part of the woman's appendix that allegedly was not removed during the surgery.

The woman then had to undergo a second surgery, which caused the woman's baby to be born prematurely. As a result, the child suffered developmental difficulties that she was expected to have her entire life. The doctor decided to resign when an investigation into the claims started in 2013. A trial related to the medical malpractice claim began in early Dec. 2014 and featured the testimonies of several doctors who defended the accused physician along with testimonies of multiple plaintiff witnesses, but the case ended up being settled out of court after three weeks.

When a medical mistake leads to severe injuries in a patient in Maryland, the individual can rightfully sue the physician believed to have made the potentially life-changing error. The person may seek compensatory damages, and punitive damages may even be awarded in cases involving egregious fault on the part of the medical provider. Liability has to be established through competent proof in court in order for plaintiffs to win their medical malpractice case.

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