How can drivers prevent truck accidents during winter?

Truck accidents, which often yield catastrophic outcomes, can happen anytime, anywhere. Here in Maryland, trucks frequent the state's major beltways and it is not surprising that Maryland drivers experience collisions and accidents involving these huge vehicles. Now that winter has arrived, more truck accidents are occurring since these vehicles can be difficult to operate under certain weather conditions. Truck drivers should follow these tips to help prevent motor vehicle accidents this winter.

Most importantly, all drivers need to wear seat belts. This safety harness can prevent the driver from being ejected during a collision. Truck drivers should have a contingency plan before they hit the road. During winter, creating an alternate plan in the event of bad weather is critical to limiting the dangerous hazards provided by snow and ice on roads. Drivers should be more careful and assess dangers so they can be avoided by selecting an alternate route or stopping until the weather clears. Bad weather can limit visibility so truck drivers must exercise caution operating their vehicles. Headlights should be turned on at all times. Low beam lights, on the other hand, should only be used under certain circumstances. Truck drivers should observe proper distances from other vehicles. It is important for truck drivers to avoid driving next to snow plows and maintain at least 200 feet from other vehicles.

Drivers should avoid abrupt braking. Sudden braking is dangerous during winter driving conditions. Slick road conditions can cause the vehicle to lose control, resulting in an accident. It is also important to observe appropriate speed for winter driving especially when travelling on overpasses and bridges to avoid losing control of their vehicles.

Truck drivers who fail to exercise due caution and find themselves involved in collisions can be held accountable. Victims and their families may be compensated for their losses through personal injury claims.

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