Physician negligence blamed for woman's stroke-related injuries

People in Maryland naturally trust their doctors to provide sound medical advice and guidance. When a doctor fails to do this, the results can be disastrous. In a recent out-of-state case involving alleged physician negligence, millions of dollars in damages were awarded to a man and his wife. She had suffered a stroke after a doctor told her it was unnecessary for her to visit a medical center.

The incident happened at a time when the woman was 26 weeks pregnant. Reportedly, she began to experience major abdominal pain as well as a serious headache. The woman said she phoned her obstetrician/gynecologist and got a return call from an on-call doctor.

The doctor reportedly told the woman her symptoms likely stemmed from a gastric issue and that going to a hospital was not needed. The woman suffered a stroke the very next day. According to the complaint, the woman's baby was delivered safely via an emergency Cesarean section; however, the stroke caused permanent emotional, cognitive and physical injuries to the woman. A jury awarded the woman and her husband nearly $11 million for future and past non-economic and economic losses tied to the incident.

If a patient's condition is not assessed properly by a doctor with a reasonable degree of care and the patient suffers injury as a result, the patient has the right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against those deemed responsible. The suit can seek a monetary judgment for compensatory damages and even punitive damages in cases where egregious fault is evident. Liability must be established via competent proof in court before a Maryland court will adjudicate claims for monetary damages arising from an incident of physician negligence.

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