Doctor mistake allegedly leads to patient's death

Going to a hospital for even a routine or low risk surgery can be scary for a patient. One hopes for the best care from their provider as one puts his or her life in the hands of the doctors and surgeons. It can happen in any state, like the recent case in Maryland, where the intricate details of a patient were undetected. According to the complaint, the doctor mistake led to the death of a patient.

On April 6, 2010, a woman went to the hospital for a ventral hernia surgery. On April 8, 2010, she died. According to the lawsuit that has been filed by her family, she experienced a perforated small bowel during the surgery on the April 6 operation. She returned to the hospital's emergency room on April 7 in great pain, and they administered a CT scan.

The lawsuit states that the doctor who read the CT scan did not recognize vital information that was apparently visible in the scan and thus did not inform the surgeon or ER physician. The suit also states that the doctors failed to see that the patient's vitals were consistent with shock and sepsis. Overall, the family is suing several health care businesses and four doctors for personal and pecuniary injuries during the hernia surgery and the post-operative negligence that led to the death of their loved one.

In a situation such as this case in Maryland, where one or more medical professionals have allegedly been negligent in a patient's surgery or recovery and might have even resulted in the death of a patient, seeking legal advice is a good option. A lawsuit might be an option for the family who is left with the worry and woe of the loss. Monetary compensation cannot fix a doctor mistake or bring back the loss of life, but it can help with the financial burden that follows.

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