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Understanding the Ticket to Work Program


People who receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are not prohibited from rejoining the workforce. Some beneficiaries may be frightened that if they join the workforce, they will have their SSDI retracted and could end up in a bad spot should something go wrong. There are programs available, however, that help disabled and blind beneficiaries, between the ages of 18 and 64, regain their financial independence without automatically losing their SSDI benefits. The Ticket to Work Program is designed to help recipients of SSDI benefits return to work and possibly move to a point in their lives where they no longer need assistance.

According to the SSA, the Ticket to Work Program can be accessed through several providers that deliver services to SSDI beneficiaries in order to prepare them for the workforce. These services include career counseling, training, vocational rehabilitation and help finding a job. Once people are employed, they can continue to get medical benefits through SSDI. If workers find that the position is too much for them to handle with their particular condition, they may be eligible to have their benefits reinstated without having to go through the application process, as reported by

Just because people have a disability does not mean that they cannot be productive members of the workforce. By training, assisting and rehabilitating people who are receiving SSDI benefits, the SSA can successfully reduce the number of people who are dependent upon these services and help to improve peoples’ lives. This can help to protect the SSDI program and its ability to offer benefits to disabled citizens who require financial aid.

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