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Dog bite sends Harford County child to trauma center


Dogs are popular pets for many people in Prince Georges. They provide companionship to older people, protect private and public property, and soothe anxiety and depression symptoms. However, it is important for people to remember that dogs, as sweet and domestic as they appear, can still be unpredictable. One report, according to, shows that dog bites resulting in the need for emergency care occur to about 1,000 Americans every day. Dog bites can generate infections and leave permanent physical and emotional scars on victims.

Just recently, a 6-year-old boy was taken to a trauma center by helicopter after he was bitten by a dog. The details are sketchy but apparently the boy was at the Humane Society of Harford County when the attack happened. It is unknown whether the boy was with his parents visiting the shelter or how the boy came into contact with the dog. The size and breed of the dog was also unclear.

The boy is expected to survive the bite but there was no information provided on what injuries he suffered. The information was released through the society’s Facebook page and there were no details on what will be done with the dog.

A serious dog bite can leave families and victims facing thousands of dollars in medical care. Additionally, if the bite leads to complications, it could leave people unable to work or permanently disfigured. Therefore, people who are the victim of a dog bite may find it helpful to meet with an attorney who can explain to them what their rights are and the types of compensation that may be available.

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