What factors contribute to forklift accidents?

When you begin a new job requiring you to operate heavy machinery, you expect to receive the proper amount of training before starting your position. When employers fail to provide an adequate amount of training, however, it may contribute to serious accidents, and in some cases, death of an employee.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, forklift injuries account for nearly 100,000 injuries each year. These accidents may be caused by negligent employers or reckless employees, depending on the situation. In addition to lack of training, there are several factors that can lead to these devastating incidents. The company may not perform the necessary maintenance on the forklifts, causing them to malfunction or breakdown while in use. Furthermore, the forklifts may be old and need replacing. Production factors, such as stress and speed, may also come into play when dealing with forklifts.

The design of a warehouse can also lead to problems when it comes to forklift operation. The aisles may be too narrow, cluttered or have a high volume of traffic. Too many ramps with different surfaces and loading docks that are in bad condition can cause injuries and accidents. Forklift incidents may also stem from machines that are loaded incorrectly, as well as forklift operators who are not focusing on the task at hand and are acting in a reckless manner.

It the responsibility of the employer to ensure that workers are ready to operate forklifts and are fully educated on how to load them properly and maneuver them around the warehouse and around other people.

This information is intended to educate and should not be taken as legal advice.

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