Catastrophic bus crash injures 26 children

When motorists share the road with large trucks, motorcycles and buses they must be extremely careful to follow the rules of the road. One small mistake could lead to a catastrophic accident, causing injuries and even death to innocent people.

Charges are pending on a driver who caused a tragic bus accident. The bus was carrying 26 children, a parent chaperon, two teachers and the driver who were traveling on a field trip to D.C. The Hartford County State’s Attorney’s Office is performing an investigation and collected evidence from the scene of the crash. Although the driver was not injured in the accident, more than 24 people were hurt, including the children passengers.

A car traveling behind a charter bus, attempted to pass on the left side of the bus. However, the driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle when it hit rumble strips on the freeway. The motorist may have over corrected and, as a result, clipped the front corner of the bus. This caused the bus to run off of the road, hitting a tree and an embankment. The bus landed on its left side, leaving debris all over the southbound lanes of the road.

When driver negligence or error causes injury or harm to others, victims of the accident may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost time from work and emotional trauma. A personal injury attorney in Maryland may be helpful in exploring your legal options and pointing you in the right direction.

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