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Construction workers pinned under concrete slab

Many Maryland construction workers head to their jobs every day, without any serious injuries or medical problems. While many of these workers may realize the potential for dangerous accidents in construction sites, they probably do not expect a serious construction accident to injure them.

Several construction workers in Florida experienced a serious accident at work this week. The workers were building a dormitory for students at a Florida university. According to a report, workers were setting a cement floor into place in the seven-story building when a concrete slab somehow fell.

Four workers were hurt in the accident when they were pinned under the concrete slab. Two workers are in serious condition in a hospital and another worker is in stable condition. The extent of the workers' injuries was not clear in a report released the day of the accident.

Injuries that may result from being pinned under a slab of concrete could be very severe. For instance, a person could suffer a spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, or back injury. Recovering from any of these injuries would take a significant amount of time, rehabilitation, and money. Medical expenses can be very expensive-so, receiving help paying for these costs would probably be very helpful for these construction workers or others in their situation.

This accident will most likely be investigated, as multiple employees were injured when the concrete slab fell. If the investigation finds that the construction workers' employer could have created a safer workplace that may have prevented their injuries, the workers may be able to receive workers compensation for their injuries.