Personal Injury Claim Concerns During the COVID-19 Pandemic

At McGowan & Cecil, our attorneys deeply understand the difficulty, frustration, and pressure that an injury can bring into your life. You will not only experience new physical limitations brought on by your injury, but also emotional pain and distress. Furthermore, your family members, spouse, and children that rely on you financially, emotionally, and in other ways will feel the rippling effects of an accident as well.

Dealing with the pain, financial losses, and frustrations of an injury can certainly be challenging when the rest of the world and your life seem normal and fine. How do you deal with being injured during the current COVID-19 pandemic that brings its own layers of physical, emotional, and financial challenges?

The current unemployment rate has hovered between 10-15% in the last several weeks. What if you are injured in a car accident and your employer is already considering furloughs or layoffs to stay afloat? What if your family is already hurting because a loved one has become quarantined or unable to work for weeks? It is never a good time to be injured, but the importance of being properly compensated for an injury has never been greater.

Insurance Company Tactics During the Pandemic

To make the already stressful situation worse, some insurance companies are taking advantage of the current climate! Overall financial distress and court delays have encouraged insurance companies to consistently provide “lowball” settlement offers knowing that many do not have time to wait for a better deal that could be reached through negotiations or litigation. Many that are financially distressed may see no option but to “settle their cases short,” and the insurance companies are coming out saving money from these claims.

It has never been more important to be properly guided through an injury claim by a legal professional. Let our attorneys from McGowan & Cecil in Laurel properly advise and guide you during the COVID-19 era. Our experience and knowledge during these times could be instrumental in securing a favorable recovery on your behalf.

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