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Construction accident leaves 2 men seriously injured


Construction workers in Maryland understand that their job can be dangerous. There is a certain amount of risk every construction worker takes when they go out to a jobsite. Even when all safety measures are taken, it is still possible to become the victim of a construction accident.

It remains to be seen whether all safety precautions were taken and all safety equipment was used on a jobsite where two construction workers were seriously injured. One worker was on a roof approximately 20 feet above ground. The rubber stripping he was working on gave way, and the man was unable to maintain his footing.

The man was hanging onto what part of the roof he could and was losing his grip. Another construction worker selflessly and bravely got underneath the dangling man and ended up breaking his fall. Both men were seriously injured, but the outcome could have been a lot worse had the second man not intervened. The current condition of both men is not known, but their injuries were significant.

Both men could end up experiencing a lengthy recovery. There will be significant medical bills and lost wages for both men as a result of this construction accident. As is the case here in Maryland, the men are most likely entitled to workers' compensation benefits that will help with their medical expenses and at least of portion of their lost income. Further, it may be possible for one or both men to file a personal injury claim if it is found that negligence of another party contributed to their injuries.

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