Deadly fall kills man in construction accident

It seems like not a day goes by in which one or more construction workers are seriously injured or worse while on the job. Maryland residents may be saddened to hear that reports over the past few days indicate that this unfortunate trend does not seem to be slowing down. One man has recently been killed in a construction accident after tumbling off a scaffolding walkway and falling a great distance.

According to the report, the 45-year-old man was working at a bridge construction site when he apparently slipped while walking on some scaffolding. As a result, the worker fell around 70 feet before impacting the ground below. Emergency medical personal managed to arrive and transport the man to the hospital, but he, unfortunately, died just a few hours later.

After being briefly shut down, the bridge was reopened to drivers but construction work has been suspended out of caution. As of the report, officials had been unable to determine precisely what caused the accident. The bridge will remain open for the duration of the authorities' investigation.

OSHA has also noted that they are investigating the incident in order to determine if any substandard workplace safety issues were responsible for causing the construction accident. If it is indeed revealed that the deadly accident was caused through a violation of workplace safety regulations, then the family of the deceased may wish to seek compensation for the accident. Maryland residents or families that have been affected in a comparable manner by on-the-job accidents have the option of seeking compensation for any financial hardship that may result from such a tragic incident.

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