SSDI for military members injured while on active duty

It's possible that some Maryland veterans injured while on active duty could be entitled to Social Security disability insurance. Though we know of the more than 5 million disabled workers that already receive SSDI, it's possible that many service members are eligible for this while not even knowing their legal options.

These service members may be entitled to SSDI benefits while still on active duty and receiving pay. The eligibility for these benefits is dependent on the limitation of work activities due to an injury rather than on how much financial benefit a military member may be receiving. However, the military member does have to demonstrate that there has been a loss of income due to the injury.

Three items must be demonstrated before the service member can be considered eligible: (1) the member is unable to perform a substantial gainful activity as a part of his or her occupation; (2) this inability to perform is due to a mental or physical condition; and (3) the medical condition has lasted or is expected to last more than a year or could result in death.

There are a number of resources that may prove helpful for those military members considering filing for SSDI. However, though there may be claims of the initial application process being simple it must be remembered that many claims are also denied. In any event, those injured and unable to pursue their occupation would in any case likely find it helpful to speak to an attorney that represents individuals in SSDI claims.

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