Experimental treatment could change brain injury recovery

A traumatic brain injury likely occurs very suddenly and unexpectedly. It may occur when a person is playing football or skiing. Car accidents also cause many traumatic brain injuries. For a person with a traumatic brain injury, the path to recovery can be uncertain. However, the findings from a research group at Duke University could change the treatment of people with traumatic brain injuries.

One young man who suffered a traumatic brain injury last summer when he fell out of the back of a pickup truck was a part of this study. He participated in the research study and received either a placebo or a hormone shot within several hours of incurring his brain injury.

The young man has made significant progress since his injury. While it is unknown how the man would have recovered if he had not received the shot, regardless of whether it was a placebo or actually contained the hormone, this treatment gives promise to others who suffer traumatic brain injuries.

While this hormone treatment is still in a trial phase, if it is shown to work it could become a more commonly used treatment for traumatic brain injuries.

Unfortunately, while this treatment is still in trial, many traumatic brain injuries continue to occur every day. The people recovering from these brain injuries may face years of recovery and could have life-long disabilities as a result of the injury.

When this is the case, the person may benefit from receiving Social Security disability benefits. If one's ability to work is suddenly taken away by a brain injury, it may seem like there is little hope for being able to pay one's bills or afford necessities like food and rent, but disability benefits can assist people who have suffered a serious injury.

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