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Examining SSD fraud and fraudster scams


The vast majority of Social Security disability (SSD) benefits recipients sincerely need these benefits. These individuals suffer from challenging physical and/or mental conditions that inhibit their ability to work. However, some recipients receive SSD benefits fraudulently. SSD fraud is a crime and should obviously be avoided. However, even the appearance of fraud could land legitimate SSD recipients in hot water legally.

If you are ever in doubt that any of your activities and choices could get you in trouble with the Social Security Administration (SSA), please contact an experienced SSD attorney for advice. Failure to do so could cause the SSA to question your physical disability and possibly terminate your benefits.

Some behaviors that could potentially raise red flags at the SSA include making substantial deposits into your bank accounts on a regular basis if you are currently unable to work and failing to report inheritance money. It is critical that you report all money earned and inherited to the SSA. Failure to do so could not only lead to termination of your benefits, it could land you in jail.

Fraud is a legal term with very specific connotations. As a result, you may believe that certain behavior is completely innocent, even though it could lead to serious legal trouble. As a result, it is critical that you speak with an experienced attorney at any point that you may be skirting the boundaries of the law when it comes to potential SSD fraud. An attorney can help clarify expectations and help you navigate your unique situation.

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