Multiple workers injured after major construction accident

No matter how many safety protocols are followed on the job, sometimes accidents will inevitably happen. Maryland construction workers, as well as those around the nation, understand the potential risks every day they head out on a job. That said, sometimes a construction accident occurs on a scale few would have expected to contend with.

Multiple workers were injured on a college campus recently when a section of the construction site they were working on suddenly collapsed. Officials say that the accident occurred while works atop a barn over 30 feet high were securing steel together when the structure collapsed. More than two dozen people were working around the scene at the time of the accident.

The report claims that there was an initial search in which four people were found to have been working directly on the section that collapsed, and a secondary search verified no other workers. Of the four that likely sustained the most harm, one was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, two were admitted in stable condition, and another was released. However, the total number of workers injured in the crash or severity of any injuries that they may have sustained, was not revealed.

The exact reason for the collapse was not revealed, and the total cost from the damages was also not listed. Fortunately, despite one man in critical condition, it appears that most of the workers managed to escape the debris unharmed or with relatively non-life threatening wounds. In Maryland, workers are typically provided workers' compensation benefits in the event of a construction accident, but those that were injured on the job may want to research all of the options existing to them before proceeding further in the event that additional compensation may be available.

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