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Worker pinned to truck in construction accident


Maryland construction workers know just how dangerous outdoor building sites can be. Regardless of whether or not safety regulations are followed, any misstep or stroke of bad luck can lead to one or more hard working individuals being severely injured. One such construction accident recently occurred when a man was pinned to a truck by a fallen wall.

The accident occurred in the middle of the afternoon at the future site of a car washing facility. The working crew was digging through the sides of a retaining wall when it suddenly collapsed onto a nearby construction worker. The concrete from the debris pinned him to a nearby dump truck.

According to the report, emergency personal managed to free the man from the collapsed wall upon arrival. Unfortunately, the man experienced cardiac arrest as a result of the ordeal and had to be transported to the hospital via helicopter. The status of the man and severity of the injuries he sustained had yet to be released at the time the report was made.

Both OSHA and local police are apparently still investigating the cause of the accident. In Maryland, the vast majority of workers are covered by workers' compensation in the event that such a construction accident occurs. However, should the man's accident be determined to be caused by a severe violation of safety protocol then additional claims and forms of compensation may be appropriate. Additionally, acting quickly can help to ensure that his employer's insurance provider adequately compensates the man for his injuries.

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