Cancer means struggle beyond hair loss

Cancer: this is a scary word no one in Maryland hopes to hear. Unfortunately, cancer is a fate lived by many struggling to bide their time. A bare head, sometimes covered under a scarf or wig, is often the picture of cancer. But it is not just head hair that a cancer victim can lose during treatment, it is all of the hair: arm hair, leg hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and all those other little follicles we take for granted. It is unlikely you give much thought to your nose hair until it is no longer there, and you are left with perpetually runny a nose.

While hair loss can be one of the most visible markers of an individual undergoing cancer treatment, it is by no means the worst ramification of the illness. Those living with cancer can be sick, tired and scared. Many are forced to stop working in order to treat their chronic illness, but not all victims have cancer that can be treated.

In some instances, individuals in Maryland will receive the absolutely devastating blow that doctors found inoperable cancer. For victims with metastatic cancer or inoperable tumors, treatment could prolong their life, but treatment will not rid the cancer from their body. Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can be available to provide some level of financial assistance when qualifying individuals with cancer are no longer able to work.

Some of these cancers even qualify on the list of compassionate allowances, which means that the individual can be fast-tracked for approval and receipt of benefits. For individuals in the grips of such an illness, a skilled SSDI attorney can help take care of the heavy lifting in securing these benefits.

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