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Fatal motorcycle crash claimed two lives in Maryland


Motorcycle crashes continue to claim lives in Maryland. Recently, a motor vehicle accident involving a van and two motorcyclists happened in Prince George. The van was heading south while two motorcycles were traveling north at the same time. However, the van failed to yield to the approaching traffic and collided with the motorcycles. The motorcyclists were pronounced dead at the scene and the driver was transported to a hospital. Police officers noted that the driver of the van will likely face criminal charges.

Apparently, the two motorcyclists were the third and fourth victims of fatal motorcycle accidents in Prince George County this year. In 2012, 10 individuals died in motorcycle crashes. Taking this into consideration, the authorities started a campaign called "Share the Road" in April, which is intended to uphold motorcycle safety. The campaign will also team up with Maryland State Police, Maryland's Highway Safety Office and the Motor Vehicle Administration to try to decrease the number of fatal motorcycle accidents in the state and throughout the country.

Motorcyclists have little protection when they get involved in a motor-vehicle crash. That is why motorcyclists should take proper protection when traveling on the road. Motorcyclists also need to be more cautious while driving; conditions such as weather and the oncoming traffic can be dangerous.

Authorities pointed out that when motorcycles are involved in motor-vehicle collisions, the other drivers are at fault most of the time. The other drivers need to ensure that they are concentrating on the road and that they are giving space to motorcyclists in order to avoid collisions. Failing to do so can result in a motorcycle accident injury or a fatality, and the driver may be legally responsible.

A motorcycle accident can be overwhelming, particularly for the injured victim. However, compensation may be available for the injured person, especially if another driver's negligence contributed to the accident. The compensation may depend on the condition of the victim, but it may support the medical expenses, lost income and emotional damages. If a fatality occurs, the surviving family may claim compensation with a wrongful death lawsuit.

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