Motor vehicle crash injures three people near Laurel, Maryland

Trucks come in and out of roadways in Maryland every day. As heavy lifters, these vehicles usually carry large loads of various goods for different kinds of businesses. They may carry large quantities of electronic equipment or petroleum products. Because of the size of trucks, they may also impose potential risks toward other motorists in Laurel and cause motor vehicle crashes. Their loads, which can be highly flammable, may also contribute to those threats, which is why many truck-related accidents result in catastrophes.

Authorities said that a multi-vehicle accident occurred recently just north of Ponds Wood Road in front of the Mini-Mart. The crash involved two box trucks and three other vehicles. One fire department official said that a large column of black smoke could be seen in the area and one of the box trucks was engulfed in flames when they arrived. The other truck was sitting off the roadway in the woods. He also said that three people were taken by ambulance to a local hospital to have their injuries treated.

Some truck accidents are caused by drivers who have accidentally fallen asleep or those who lose their focus while driving. Driver fatigue is common in truck drivers because they drive long distances to transport their loads on time. Further, driver negligence has caused the majority of truck accidents in Maryland; those acts include drunk driving, speeding and other traffic violations.

Truck accidents can cause cataclysmic damage. The victim involved in the crash may sustain critical injuries, such as torn limbs, broken bones or even death. It may devastate the victim as well as the victim's family. Fortunately, the victim has the right to pursue a civil lawsuit against the negligent party for compensation.

Although compensation cannot reverse the consequences of the accident, the compensation may provide a financial boost that the victim's need for recovery. Proving negligence in such cases may be vital in seeking compensation. The truck driver or the trucking company may be liable for the cost and injuries that the victim has sustained.

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