Truck accident results in injuries in Maryland

The trucks that travel Maryland roads can weigh thousands of pounds, therefore, a truck colliding with a passenger vehicle can be extremely damaging. The sheer size of a truck can be overpowering to a passenger vehicle. As a result, motor vehicle accidents involving trucks may lead to injuries or fatalities. However, if a truck accident involves a pedestrian, the outcome may be even worse.

In Maryland, emergency units were in a hurry because of a motor-vehicle accident involving a truck. According to the report, a two-vehicle crash occurred on West North Avenue, in Baltimore. During the collision, the truck moved toward the bus stop and hit several pedestrians. The truck apparently hit three people. One of the victims was transported to Shock Trauma and the rest were rushed to Maryland General Hospital. It is unknown whether the pedestrians suffered minor or serious injuries. Police are investigating the truck accident to determine the cause of the accident.

Under such circumstances, a police investigation may be able to determine the cause of the truck accident. Common causes of truck accidents may include driving under the influence, inattentiveness or speeding. Also, truck drivers are already aware that their large vehicles can impose extreme damage in the event of a motor vehicle crash. This knowledge means that truck drivers should be extra cautious about road safety and hurting others. Truck operators need to be more careful and exercise the proper caution while driving. Failing to do so can lead to an accident or injury. That type of behavior may also be considered negligence on the part of the driver.

In such cases, proving the negligence of the truck driver or the trucking company may be very important. Negligence, as a contributing factor, may hold the truck operator liable for the injuries and loss. If that is the case, the accident victim can file for compensation. The compensation may help with the victim's financial burden toward hospitalization, loss of income and other related expenses. The compensation can also help with the pain and suffering caused by the incident.

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