Head-on collision kills motorcyclist near Laurel, Maryland

One of the best ways to avoid an accident is to ensure that a motorist follows traffic rules and traffic signals. Other than that, a driver must keep his or her eyes open and must share the road with other motorists.

A head-on collision between two motor vehicles in the southbound side of the Harbor Tunnel on I-895 caused an unidentified motorcyclist to die. The southbound side allowed two-way traffic because the other side is under repair.

The accident occurred when a sedan driving the wrong way crashed head-on into the motorcycle. According to police, it was unknown why the car was traveling the wrong way when the overhead lane indicators were functioning properly.

An official stated that alcohol may have contributed to the fatal accident. An on-site investigation has been completed but it is unclear at this time if charges will be filed.

Motor vehicle crashes that involve a larger vehicles and motorcycles often put the motorcyclists at risk. Head and neck injuries are common in motorcycle crashes and some, unfortunately, end in death. The death of a loved one is difficult to accept, especially if the known cause is the negligence of another person. Other than the emotional pain that the surviving family is going through, there are expenses, such as medical and funeral costs, to think about.

The family of a motorcycle accident victim can file a lawsuit against the negligent driver. In a case like this, that is crucial and the family may need help to establish a wrongful death claim. They may wish to consider speaking with a legal professional to have a better chance of obtaining compensation to cover accident-related expenses.

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